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My name is Caroline, and I am a User Experience Designer for Nordstrom! I won’t lie, working in the Innovation Lab is a dream job. I always saw myself in coding and programming, but I never could have pictured it would be this fun. Weirdly enough I pictured myself after graduation in a dull, male dominated office plugging and chugging code everyday. Thankfully one of my professors forced my whole class to make LinkedIn accounts because if it wasn’t for that assignment, I never would have scored my job!

Although I always loved fashion, I never thought it could converge with technology. The best thing about working for Nordstrom is our focus on growth and setting the bar for our competitors. In terms of technology, I don’t know many other department stores that can compete with us. That’s why I love this job and essentially why I started this site!

I hope that here on linuxabove.com, that you find everything you need to be a successful programmer, whether that be in terms of knowledge, inspiration, resources, or etc! If by any chance you don’t find what you’re looking for tell me! I am always looking for ways to better the site and serve my readers, so I genuinely appreciate the feedback.