Why Linux?

When asked what operating system someone would prefer to use on their laptop or computer, most people would answer with either Windows or MacOS and this is a fair answer in most cases. Casual users who just browse through Facebook or Netflix, they might not feel the need for anything more. However, if you are more of a programmer or you like customizing and maximizing your device, then Linux is a far superior alternative whose often under-appreciated. Here are 3 simple reasons why you should switch now:

It’s More Secure

This is a 2-in-1 reason! With Windows, there is always a new virus or hack out there so purchasing an anti-virus or some other form of security software is inevitable. While Linux isn’t invincible, it has a lot less to worry about. Your chances of corrupting your files or losing them to malware are significantly lower than in Windows. The way they constructed the Linux OS using package management and repositories makes sure of this. Second, you yourself will be more secure with Linux because it does not collect data from its users. In Windows 10 the default settings enable data to be collected from you. Don’t think just disabling them will solve that, you would still need to download or purchase anti-spyware. It’s customizable with many “flavors” of distributions All the interfaces on an Apple device look the same right? You hardly get much freedom in how your icons look or what widgets you want. That is not a problem on Linux. You can choose from an assortment of themes, icon sets, and wallpaper. Aesthetics aside, there are also many distributions or distros of Linux available that can cater to specific types of needs. You’re a hacker? Got Kali Linux or BackBox. Do you have a really old computer? Try Peppermint, Lubuntu (yes, this differs from Ubuntu) or Linux Lite. There are also tons of distress for any programmer or web developer out there!

It’s So Reliable, Almost All Supercomputers Run On It

That’s right. It runs on 498 of the top 500 supercomputers (99%) in the world. For reference, none of them run on Windows or MacOS. The remaining 2 runs on Unix. Heck, even Facebook and Google run on Linux. For regular people like you or me, this means you don’t need to reboot your computer every time there’s an update or installation. If ever you encounter a problem with your software, just hop on one of the Linux forums and ask! It’s guaranteed someone will give you a nice, detailed solution in just a few minutes. The community support is a definite perk!

Bonus: It’s Free

The only thing better than anything useful is something useful that’s free. All Linux distros are free to the public so you can save yourself and your wallet. With all that in mind, do you think Windows or MacOS is still better than Linux?

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